Our Mission Statement

Our goal over the past 30 years has been to provide premier wealth management services for select families and individuals.  At the appropriate times in our clients' lives, we help them live from their savings. When appropriate, we help them make gifts to the people and causes they love. We use disciplined and sophisticated investment approaches that are designed to add value over decades and which are intended to help our clients control their exposure to risk.

Our clients entrust us to understand their feelings, their situations, their goals, and their tolerance for ups and downs.  We have regular conversations with our clients, with hope that our work is appropriate to the investor and their family.

We work in a comprehensive way with our clients so that they are comfortable that their investments, retirement planning, and estate planning strategies are properly coordinated.

We use highly disciplined and sophisticated investment approaches to strive to produce long-term growth, income, and growth of income, as appropriate to the client. We feel our portfolios combine value and growth components to attempt to drive equity returns through a variety of economic and market conditions.

We use bond ladders as our non-correlated asset to produce income and real diversification. We use technical analysis, too, and we feel it helps our clients control exposure to risk.


Diversification (or asset allocation) does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.  Bond laddering does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.  Yields and market values will fluctuate, and if sold prior to maturity, bonds may be worth more or less than the original investment.