Peter's Beliefs

Peter VanDer Schaaf My highest priority is the success of my clients' portfolios. A person's savings represents a portion of his or her life, hopes, and dreams, those of his or her children, or perhaps of the client's employees. I understand this. I am my clients' advocate in the financial markets.

It is my responsibility to know my clients. I will strive to ensure that I understand their goals and the level of risk they are comfortable with. In order to help each investor pursue his/her goals, I will recommend investment strategies that are appropriate to the client and that have been carefully considered.

It is my top priority to make sense of the mountain of information that is available in the financial market place and to put that information to work for my clients. My investment strategies are unbiased and disciplined because they are based upon what is appropriate for each individual. I want to help my clients bring focus to their investing.

I carefully review client portfolios on a regular basis and monitor their performance relative to the client's original investment objectives, as well as my original expectations of the investment.

I believe that every client is entitled to receive courteous and prompt service. I will be available to answer your questions and assist you with your requests on a timely basis. I am personally concerned with your satisfaction relative to your investment portfolio and the support and research services that I provide.